100 People for Romania of Tomorrow – DOR (Decât o Revistă)

After 8 years of hard work, this year was a good one from lots of perspectives. This year Romania celebrates 100 years from its birth and DOR (Decât o Revistă) made a list with 100 people and I am one of them. It was a great week for me, after I had just received, a day earlier, the award for Young Energy Professional of the Year.

I am thankful to everybody who made all this possible: people, companies, friends, family.

Mihai’s goal is to create sustainable housing at affordable prices. Yet are only prototypes, homes that produce more energy than it consumes, EFdeN association reached twice to final of the international competition Solar Decathlon – with amazing results in 2018 in Dubai. For the large-scale transition, demand and laws are missing today. And Mihai also has to learn about the construction of the future, so he wants to work in research and, later, to create a startup. Then he would like to build a house on Mars.

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