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  • GlobalShaper @ Bucharest Hub
  • Chairman @ Future Energy Leaders Romania
  • Co-chair @ Eisenhower Fellowships Youth Leaders
  • Young Leader Professional @ Aspen Institute
  • Talent @ UNLEASH 2018
  • Climate Ambassador @ GYCN – World Bank Youth Community

BIO: Mihai believes in social change through smart design—incorporating architecture, engineering and sustainability. He loves to create not just products, but experiences and communities to make people’s lives healthier, happier and more productive. He is a co-founder, manager, speaker, trainer and has been a juror for several occasions.

Over the last 8 years, Mihai was involved in numerous projects related to green homes, smart cities, green energy, future of work and education. He cofounded EFdeN and for 6 years Mihai has been leading a multi-disciplinary team that designed and built 2 sustainable homes for Solar Decathlon international competition (Versailles 2014, Dubai 2018), winning over 20 national and international awards. The first EFdeN house is now Romania’s first Research Centre for Comfort Conditions and is one of Europe’s most sustainable houses.

Mihai is also co-founder & strategist for energiaTa, for 2 years he aims to make household renewable energy production a reality in Romania and in the past, he also worked with the local Green Building Council in co-creating the National Renovation Strategy. Mihai was featured on ‘’Forbes 30 Under 30’’, ” BIZ Innovation Champions”, ‘’100 Peoples and Ideas changing Romania’’, ‘’100 Faces of Innovation’’ and more. 


I am Mihai Toader-Pasti and people usually call me TP. I am currently living in Bucharest, Romania, but I was born in a small town called Târgu Cărbunești, right after the fall of the communist regime.

My story begins in 2010, when I became one of the first members of PRISPA, the first Romanian team ever to qualify for Solar Decathlon, the most important competition worldwide for solar houses.

In the last 8 years, I have participated in 3 editions of this competition, designing and building 3 multi-awarded houses, while also leading the EFdeN team to Versailles 2014 and Dubai 2018. We won over 30 national and international awards, collectively and individually, gathering a perfect mix of successes and a few failures along the way. I have been a juror on different occasions, moderator several times, had over 100 media appearances and wrote for Forbes and other media outlets.

I love to do meaningful stuff, play the long game and help others. I will always choose adventure and fellowship over boring stuff. I aim to make this world at least a bit better while having a positive impact on environment.

I am the also co-founder and strategist of EnergiaTa, to make household renewable energy production possible in Romania by changing the legislation. In the past I’ve also worked with the Green Building Council for public consultations and in developing country’s Renovation Strategy.

In 2015 I was invited to COP21, in 2016 in the European Parliament and 2017 to One Planet Summit and in 2018 I attended World Urban Forum – four experiences that have had a profound impact on my life, that made me want to get involved in protecting climate change by changing the built environment.

My dream is to create better living by creating affordable houses that proudly represent the 21st century. Houses that are Safe (level 1), Gorgeous (level 2), Sustainable (level 3), Intelligent (level 4) and offer a wonderful User Experience daily (level 5). Today houses usually check only 2 or 3 out of this philosophy.

I am co-chairing the first edition of Eisenhower Fellowships Youth Leaders, where we are focusing on future of work challenges, I am co-chairing FEL – Future Energy Leaders Romania where we are empowering young people to make a change in the energy sector. I am an Aspen Young Leaders 2017 Fellow and Global Shaper. I have been featured on ‘’Forbes 30 Under 30’’, ‘’100 Faces of Innovation’’, ‘’100 Peoples and Ideas changing Romania’’, ”BIZ Innovation Champions”.

I delivered hundreds of presentations, training and mentoring sessions for children, high schoolers, and students, but also for professionals for various companies including OMV Petrom, ING Bank, MSLGroup The Practice, ERICSSON, etc.

Someday I will die happy, knowing that I have done the right things in the right way at the right time to the right persons for the right reasons. Or at least I did my best to.

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I try to transform complicated things about cities, energy and sustainability in pieces easy to understand for anybody. I am also very focused on why something should be done, why is happening this way, what are the root causes and the best actions to take. All this blended with love, fun and curiosity because these are crucial ingredients in solving world’s problems.

Why blogging?

The world is either progressing or regressing, I do not believe that something could remain the same and we should not take progress for granted. To better understand concepts and remember them, I am writing notes and creating drawings that I later revisit.

For me, it works best to see the world as a map, in space and time, like a riddle that needs to be solved, a puzzle with small and large pieces. I start with the bigger blurred picture and go into details afterwards. I always ‘blogged’ in the sense of writing notes for myself, now I am just making them publicly available. Why these topics? Because I am fascinated by them. What’s next? We shall see. Why bother? Worth trying.

Why in English

Back in 2010, I started to blog on in Romanian about various topics, but in 2017 I started focusing mainly on three: sustainability, future of work and industry 4.0. I believe having a sustainable approach towards buildings, cities, energy, and mobility will solve the climate change problems we are facing.

These are all global issues, so it made more sense and more impact to write my views about them in English. Not to mention that Romanians are good English speakers in a vast majority, while the rest of the world – unfortunately – doesn’t understand Romanian. 🙂

What is my first name and last name

My first name is Mihai (Michael), and Toader-Pasti is my last name, but people call me TP. Toader is the name of my father’s family, and Pasti is from my mother’s family. This kind of naming is not something familiar in Romania. Usually, the woman and the kids take husband’s last name. But my mother’s parents had two daughters, so no possibility for my grandfather ‘Mănene’ to pass his name to the next generations. Fortunately, my father was so cool that he decided to combine both family names.

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