• Sustainability & Climate Change
  • Cities & Homes
  • Design & Technology
  • Society & Culture
  • Space Exploration
  • Learning Dojo
  • The Memory lane

Sustainability & Climate Change

Sustainability is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own needs. Is good for the People, Planet, and Economically viable. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals is an essential framework, as elaborated by the United Nations. One of those goals is climate change, currently the biggest threat to our civilization. In the last 120 years, GHG increased by 1750%, from 2 billion tonnes of CO2 in 1900 to an outstanding 37 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2017. We have 1°C remaining on the global warming budget, but we are now on the road to a 4°C temperature increase. We have to act now.

Cities & Homes

In the next 30 years, urbanization, combined with overall population growth, will boost the number of inhabitants in cities by 2.5 billion. Cities are the new countries, and super tall buildings could function like mini-cities in the next 25 years. The pandemic helped us work from anywhere, driving more people towards peri-urban areas and countryside, close to the city. Cities occupy just 2% of our planet’s terrain, responsible for 75% of the world’s energy consumption, 80% of CO2 emissions, and generating 80% of the world’s GDP. In the European Union, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions, polluting soil, water, and air, while also generating a lot of waste.

Design & Technology

Everything we have today is due to design and technology. World’s greatest inventor is nature which constantly improved during million of years. Humans score second, but the speed of innovatio in the last 270 years, with the first industrial revolution is amazing. The technologies we are using today looks like magic for people living 100 years ago. But technology is a tool, design is how we use it, how it helps, inspire and enrich our lives. Technology and Design are neutral, which means that it’s our responsability on how we use them. What are our intentions and what’s our impact. With power comes responsability. Use it wisely.

  • The history of industrial revolution
  • Future of work is here and we are not prepapred
  • The 10 greates invention of our time
  • Design is everywhere. But how do you design?
  • Innovate by reasoning from First Principles
  • Biomimicry. Innovate by stealing from nature like a great artist
  • WEF Future of Skills are a nightmare for most countries

Society & Culture

Society is an organized group of people, while Culture is a way of life. Society is hardware, and it’s about structure and rules and has a long lifespan. Culture, part of Society, is the software, the underlying fabric that acts like guidelines, and is updated continuously. Thanks to the Aspen Young Leaders, I learned about the Good Society, and thanks to Highsnobiety, I learned about Culture. StockMemes are my latest surprise, peculiar amazing world we live in.

  • Is our generation special? I don’t think so.
  • The meme is the essence of our times
  • Awareness is not the answer. Education is. And we are lagging behind.
  • The amazing way luxury industry highjacks our minds
  • Echo chambers are creativity killers
  • Aspen Institute Young Leader Program is an amazing journey

Space Exploration

I was fascinated about Super-Heroes movies, SF ones and Space related ones since I was a kid. It took my almost 30 years to take it more seriously thanks to SpaceX and Blue Origin advances in the last years. Thanks to them, I can now dream that one day I could build a house on another Planet and ideally die there. Of course, pollution, some disease or an accident could kill me before achieving such a distant dream. In a 13.77 billion years universe, Earth has only 4.54 million years and the oldest civilisation, Aboriginal Australians, around 50.000. As space fearing civilisation is such an exciting idea we should constantly prepapre for.

  • The first steps in my journey in space exploration
  • Top 10 Books about space and universe
  • Concept Homes for other Planets
  • Somewhere there’s a Future Earth in a Goldilock zone

Learning Dojo

Reasoning from first principles, using Mental Models, approaching education as a tree with branches, considering 2nd and 3rd-degree consequences, thinking in opposites, variating scales and understanding to be able to explain to kids are some of the concepts I stumbled upon in the last years. I realized that no-one ever taught me how to learn, how to read a book, how to build knowledge and skills, how to test it, using the Scientific Method or pressure testing it. For the first 20 years of my life, I was a sheep in the educational school system. For the next 7, I learn on test and trial, which is great but inefficient. In the last 2 years, I started having a more systematic approach, which paid off big time. And then I noted what works for me.

  • I have never learned how to learn – the most important skill ever
  • I read a book to learn how to read a book and I felt so stupid
  • Tips & Tricks I use to remember more and read faster
  • How to take notes
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • How to plan the details without loosing the bic picture
  • How to prepare, run and end a meeting
  • Avoid gatekeepers and bottle-necks at all costs
  • 15 Rules for a great organisation


This is my main journal. The most beautiful crafted one of them all. I have many, written and digital, in various apps across different devices, memories and ideas, written and lost in my digital footprint. Memories are who we’ve been and a predictor of what we are going to be. But our memory is such a complicated sould, it can trick ourselves as research shows that every time we recall a memory, we change it. Here is the most accurate version I will ever have.

  • The official visit of the US Ambassador in Romania, HE. Mr. Hans Klemm
  • The official visit of Romania’s President. Mr. Klaus Iohannis
  • TEDx Bucharest 2019: Who builds the cities we want to live in
  • 10 important lessons I learned in my 10 years experience in Solar Decathlon

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