Bucharest is happy that Uber is going Green

It is snowing in Bucharest for two days; there are -8’Celsius in the mid-day, the public infrastructure failed us, and schools are closed. It is 27th February, and it is one of the coldest days of the period in Romania’s history, but 5.000km away at the North Pole there is one of the warmest periods in recorded history. Actually, Greenland is now hotter than Europe.

Climate change is here, is happening and it is affecting our lives. Unfortunately, we are not doing enough and not fast enough to become more responsible. According to Mashable, the rate of sea ice decline seen has been shown to be at its highest in the last 1,500 years.

Today Uber launched #UberGreen in Romania, Bucharest is the first city in Central and Eastern Europe and the 4th in European Union. Starting today, we have 20 Renault Zoe, fully electric cars, at Uber Select fee. This is great because more than 5.5 million people worldwide are dying prematurely every year as a result of air pollution. We need clean energy and we have to stop cars pollution on the roads asap.

”Uber wants to be a trustworthy partner for local authorities to reduce urban traffic and pollution. Our goal for the next month is to get 10.000 users to choose UberGreen, we want to democratise people’s access to electric cars. The future of mobility is electric, autonomous and shared and we want to build that future here in Romania”

– Nicoleta Schroeder, General Manager – Uber Romania

I found out today that 20% of Uber drives started or ended nearby a public transport hub. I  believe that car sharing, taxi or uber approach and public transportation and using bicycles could be the best mix for urban mobility. We have taxi and uber; we need the rest to align, we need the municipality to be on board.

I am one of the 500.000 Uber users in Bucharest, that’s a significant number. We are the 2nd biggest market from CEE and 5th inside the EU. I believe that one of the factors of this rapid growth is the inferior status of our public transportation and taxi system, Uber solved a huge problem, and this is great when trying to disrupt. Congrats and thanks!

Another good news is that Uber Pool will be available in the next 2 years so the car sharing concept will become more present in our lives and hopefully better-regulated. Looking forward to that because it will reduce the cars on the roads with almost 1/3 (their studies). This is great because 1.5 million cars are driven daily in Bucharest making it Europe’s most congested city and the 5th in the entire world. This could be one of the solutions.

We have 3 legal parking places for every 10 cars, therefore 7 cars are fighting for couple illegal spots. We have 3.5 million people that are waiting daily more than 60 minutes. We have 500 electrical vehicles in Romania, around 2500 hibrids and just 12 fast-charging stations.

Furthermore, Bucharest, Iasi and Brasov, 3 of Romania’s biggest cities could get Romania fined 100.000EUROs per day for poor environmental policies.

– Andrei Cosuleanu, Executive Director – Let’s do it Romania.

The only bad news today is that neither Uber nor El Drive will build any EV chargers for this 20 electric cars that are added to Bucharest. Therefore there are two possible situations: drivers will charge the cars at their homes (not) or charge at the public fast chargers (some of them being free of charge). 12 fast charging stations for hundreds of cars in Bucharest and 40 minutes per charge will mean a significant time to wait…. but demand creates offer, and one day all this will be perfect, I am happy it is happening.

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