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In this short life we have, 80% of our time we spend inside buildings.</b> We are raised in buildings, we sleep, learn, go to shopping or exercise, dance, swim, we create long lasting memories and form families. We have to rethink how we live, where we live and what we live and build affordable high quality buildings that also positively influence our behaviour.

Because we stay so much inside of buildings, we forget how important they are for our health, safety, productivity and happiness. We have to start thinking more about buildings and their impact, to make the buildings we deserve, from houses to offices and all others spaces. Buildings are not automatically become better, usually in time they degrade.

From an environmental point of view we use way too much energy by being inefficient, we are putting lots of CO2 into the atmosphere, using materials toxic both for the environment and for ourselves. We generate incredible amount of waste, when building (we lose more than 25% of the resources involved the process) and afterwards in eating, drinking, clothing, electronics, etc, and we continue to be irresponsible. But buildings could also be different, and great buildings could also be affordable, not just a luxury.