Awards and Recognition

Team Awards (EFdeN, energiaTa & PRISPA)

Solar Decathlon Competition (2018 Dubai, Middle East, 2014 Versailles, France & 2012 Madrid, Spain)

  • 1st – Communication Contest
  • 2nd – Engineering and Construction Contest
  • 2nd – Comfort Conditions Contest
  • 2nd – Energy Efficiency
  • 2nd – Public Choice Award
  • 3rd – Sustainability Contest

Other National or International Competitions (+35, selection)

  • Special Prize for Innovation – Civil Society Gala
  • Winner at the Data&Tech, Energy, Water and Citizens Category – Smart City Industry Awards
  • 2nd Prize for Defense of individual/collective rights – Civil Society Gala
  • Romania’s Educational Initiative of the year – Romania Green Buildings Council
  • PR In-House Team of the Year – Romanian PR Awards
  • Eco-Home Award – Forbes Romania Green Awards
  • Green Buildings Special Mention – Ab Plus Events
  • 2nd Education and Research – Civil Society Gala
  • Special Jury Award – Romanian Energy Award
  • 2nd Environmental Protection – Civil Society Gala
  • Excellence Diploma – EduManager Gala
  • SILVER: ‘Budget -, Creativity +’ – Romanian PR Awards
  • Excellence Award – Biz Social Media Awards
  • SILVER: NGOs – Romanian PR Awards

Lots of stuff about myself and my work

I am a curious person so I usually say more Yes than No. I aim to live a full life, have fun, enjoy my work and discover new things while having a positive impact and help others. I love to explore new places, meet amazing people, go where I’ve never been before and try new experiences.

I learned how important and valuable practice, multidisciplinarity, empathy, and diversity are in shaping a good spirit and mind, in creating the right set of values. This is what I search for and what I try to create around myself.

Regarding the project I choose to get in, some may say I lack focus. I understand that, but I don’t care, as I know that everything I do has a reason, is either useful or brings joy. It’s a pixel in a bigger picture.

Projects Heavily Involved in:

  1. Co-founder and General Manager – EFdeN
  2. Co-founder and Jack of all Trades – energiaTa
  3. Chairman – Future Energy Leaders Romania

Fellowships & Membership

  • Co-chair of Development of New National FEL Programme – Future Energy Leaders 100, World Energy Council
  • Regional Lead, Climate Change and Sustainability – Global Shapers Community, part of World Economic Forum
  • Co-chair Eisenhower Fellowships Youth Leaders 2018 – Eisenhower Fellowships International
  • selected for Young Leaders Program 2017 – Aspen Institute România
  • Climate Ambassador – Global Youth Climate Network
  • CXChange
  • UNLEASH Talent – UNLEASH, Singapore (2018)
  • Member of YOUNGO (UN-related constituency)

Awards & Recognition

Certifications & Education

  • “LEED AP (Accredited Professional) Home” – LEED, US Green Building Council
  • ”Certified Passive House Tradesperson” – Passivhaus Institut (PHI)
  • ”Green Building Professional” – Romanian Green Building Council
  • ”Sustainability Manager” – Denkstatt ECQA Romania
  • Graduated Seth’s Godin altMBA intensive program
  • Climate Reality Leader @ Climate Reality Training, Altanta, 2019
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur – MIT @edX

High-level meetings, Panels or Events

  • United Nations UN Climate Summit & General Assembly, NY, US (September 2019)
  • UN High-level Meeting: Climate Action Leaders’ Roundtables, NY, US (March 2019)
  • World Urban Forum, Kuala Lumpur (2018)
  • One Planet Summit, Paris (2017)
  • European Parliament, Bruxelles, Belgium (2016)
  • UN COP21, Paris (2015)

Trainer / Mentor

  • OMV PETROM – Septembrie | Bran – Țara lui Andrei – Tabăra Meseriașilor 2016, @2017, 2018 & 2019
  • MENS – Ianuarie | Cluj – Training despre Sustenabilitate și Clădiri Verzi @2017
  • MSLGROUP The Practice – Sustainability Training @2016
  • MINDSHARE – Sustainability Training @2016
  • ROMSTAL – @2016 January – March | Craiova, Suceava, Arad, București, ”Sustainability Consultant Trainings”
  • ING Bank – @2014 August | Constanța – Training Eco-Tehnologii






Articles in Books:

Media Coverage

2019Digi24 Bonton | Ziarul Financiar | BrandMinds | Forbes Digi24 | Pandurul 

2018: Revista Cariere | Samsung Ad | European Heroes | Digi 24 | Business24 | Adevărul | Impact in Gorj | ProTV | Bursa | start-up | Antena3 | Business24 | Storia Movie | PhilipsLighting | Buhnici

2017: Revista BIZAntena 3A List Magazine | ApropoTV | RealitateaTV | Observator – A1 | cult-ura | Viitorul României | TVR2 | DigiWorld | Radio Româna Actualități Adevărul Cult-ura | Ziarul Financiar PressOne

2016ProTV | Cariere | Let’s Do it Romania | RFI | DePoveste TVH | Gorj Domino | Tara lui Andrei | Forbes | RFI | Autor de frumos | Adevărul | Curs de Guvernare | Ager Pres |  Pandurul |  b365 | ZF Live

2015: Antena 1 | Adevărul | Antena3

2014: digi24 | Antena 1 | | | | | Romania Insider

2013: | | | | | | | | | |

2012: | | | |


2019 //

2017 //

  • Dec: One Planet Summit
  • 23 Mai: EY Romania – „25 de intrebari pentru viitorul României”
  • 11 Mai: Conferința 2017 InvestEnergy: R-evoluție în energie
  • 28-29 Martie: Tabăra Meseriașilor, Gorj
  • 18 Martie: Imagine you Future

2016 //

  • 25 Noiembrie: ERICSSON Talks
  • 15 Noiembrie: Zilele BIZ, Ziua Inovației
  • 3 Noiembrie: HR Innovation Conference
  • 31 Octombrie: 9th Balkan Energy Finance Forum, Belgrade
  • 24 Octombrie: Aspen Energy Labs
  • 19 Octombrie: RoEnergy, Timișoara
  • 5 Iulie: Sustainable Buildings – ”A STEP INTO THE FUTURE”
  • 22 Iunie: European Parliament “Towards Sustainable Energy Sectors in Central and South East Europe: Success Stories”
  • 11 Mai: Forbes Future Innovation

2015 //

  • 17 Decembrie – Forumul CAESAR ”România în 3D”
  • 7 Decembrie – COP21 Agreement, Paris, Energy Climate House

2014 //

  • 18 Octombrie: Simpozion Arhitectura in Europa 2020
  • 16 Octombrie: Conferinta despre constructiile sustenabile si eficienta energetica
  • 11 Martie: Mediul universitar si mediul de afaceri: 150 de ani de istorie

2013 //

  • 19 Octombrie: Cercetare în arhitectură şi design
  • 25 Mai: TEDx@Iași. Biblioteca Centrală Universitară, Iaşi
  • 20 Februarie: Conferința PV Romania | Hotel Intercontinental – București

2012 //

  • 17 Noiembrie: TEDx Youth@Reghin | Reghin


Why in English

Back in 2010, I started to blog on in Romanian about various topics, but in 2017 I started focusing mainly sustainability, climate change, cities, homes, energy, mobility and industry 4.0,

These are all global issues, so it made more sense and more impact to write my views about them in English. Not to mention that Romanians are good English speakers in a vast majority, while the rest of the world – unfortunately – doesn’t understand Romanian. I try to have every article in both language, but I don’t always succeed.

What is my first name and last name

My first name is Mihai (Michael), and Toader-Pasti is my last name, but people call me TP. Toader is the name of my father’s family, and Pasti is from my mother’s family. This kind of naming is not something familiar in Romania. Usually, the woman and the kids take the husband’s last name. But my mother’s parents had two daughters, so no possibility for my grandfather ‘Mănene’ to pass his name to the next generations. Fortunately, my father was so cool that he decided to combine both family names.

TEDx: Who builds the world you want to live in

I am more than excited that I had the opportunity to share my ideas at TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis, which took place on the 16th and 17th of November. For 2 days, around 1000 attendes came to listen to 23 speakers and 5 exclusive performances share their ideas. It was an amazing experience and the best TEDx I have been to.

  • we all want to live in a better world, but who builds that world for us
  • if life would be a car, we would prefer to be the driver or passengers
  • it took me more than 20 years to have the courage to ask the questions who builds this world
  • I was taught to talk just when asked, to memorize and be obedient, to not think critically and analyze, to have opinions
  • I feared questions and hardly learnt that questions are more important than answers
  • I learnt that to be creative meant to paint, I was trained to be a wheel in a machine. It took me a lot of time to see the importance of interdisciplinarity and diversity
  • after 30 years of democracy, the Romanian educational system still prepares us to be passengers
  • dreams are possible if somehow you learnt or you believe that dreams can come true
  • the one YES matters more than hundreds of NOs
  • there are good people and bad people in the world and you cannot change that
  • fail until it hurts, if it is not hurting it means you did not really fail
  • metamorphosis requires pain, because metamorphosis is change and change is painful
  • dream you can change a law because one day you may actually succeed
  • build hope and courage around you
  • believe that anything is possible, because, in time, it really is.

Here is my presentation, the video recording will be available someday on website.

About Me

Mihai Toader-Pasti

Email: / Twitter: @toaderpasti / Facebook: @toaderpasti / LinkedIn: @toaderpasti


I am Mihai or TP. I believe in social change through smart design—incorporating architecture, design, engineering and sustainability.

For me, it works best to see the world as a map, in space and time, like a riddle that needs to be solved, a puzzle with small and large pieces. I learned to be able to see the big picture and think strategically, to see the small dominos than can amplify change, but I love details, especially the beautiful ones.

I have 10 years of experience in green buildings, renewable energy, sustainability, and education, an amazing rollercoaster of beautiful heights and painful lows, a journey that transformed me along the way. I am an optimist and I love life and people.

Worklife in short:

My time is divided mostly between:

  • Cofounder & General Manager :: EFdeN (education & R&D NGO where we design and build sustainable homes. 7 years old, +40 national and international awards)
  • Cofounder & Jack of all Trades :: energiaTa (initiative where we created Romania’s first community of energy prosumers and changed the law in 3 years)
  • Chairman :: Future Energy Leaders Romania (accelerating transition towards a cleaner, safer and more resilient economy, by empowering the young generation of energy leaders)
  • Founder & CEO :: HomeSpace (experimental lab focused on research, design and build projects for reimagining life at home)

But I am also involved in other projects as well:

  • Regional Lead, Climate Change and Sustainability – Global Shapers Community | part of World Economic Forum
  • Communications & Strategy Committee | World Energy Council

Fellowships: Eisenhower Youth Leaders, Aspen Young Leaders, UNLEASH, Global Youth Climate Network, CXChange, G20 Young Global Changers, and more.

My Story

I am currently living in Bucharest, Romania, but I was born in a small town called Târgu Cărbunești, right after the fall of the communist regime.

My story begins in 2010, when I became one of the first members of PRISPA, the first Romanian team ever to qualify for Solar Decathlon, the most important competition worldwide for solar houses. In the last 8 years, I have participated in 3 editions of this competition, designing and building 3 multi-awarded houses, while also leading the EFdeN team to Versailles 2014 and Dubai 2018.

We won over 40 national and international awards, collectively and individually, gathering a perfect mix of successes and a few failures along the way. I have been a juror on different occasions, moderator several times, had over 100 media appearances and wrote for Forbes and other media outlets.

I love to do meaningful stuff, play the long game and help others. I will always choose adventure and fellowship over boring stuff. I aim to make this world at least a bit better while having a positive impact on environment.

I am the also co-founder and strategist of EnergiaTa, to make household renewable energy production possible in Romania by changing the legislation.

In the past I’ve also worked with the Green Building Council for public consultations and in developing country’s Renovation Strategy.

In 2015 I was invited to COP21, in 2016 in the European Parliament and 2017 to One Planet Summit and in 2018 I attended World Urban Forum – four experiences that have had a profound impact on my life, that made me want to get involved in protecting climate change by changing the built environment.

My dream is to create the perfect homes and perfect living experience, to create affordable houses that are Safe (level 1), Gorgeous (level 2), Sustainable (level 3), Intelligent (level 4) and offer a wonderful User Experience daily (level 5). Today houses usually check only 2 or 3 out of this philosophy.

I have co-chaired the first edition of Eisenhower Fellowships Youth Leaders, where we focused on future of work challenges and I am currently co-chairing FEL – Future Energy Leaders Romania where we are empowering young people to make a change in the energy sector. I am an Aspen Young Leaders 2017 Fellow and Global Shaper. 

I have been featured on ‘’Forbes 30 Under 30’’, ‘’100 Faces of Innovation’’, ‘’100 Peoples and Ideas changing Romania’’, ”BIZ Innovation Champions”.I delivered hundreds of presentations, training and mentoring sessions for children, high schoolers, and students, but also for professionals for various companies including OMV Petrom, ING Bank, MSLGroup The Practice, ERICSSON, etc.

Someday I will die happy, knowing that I have done the right things in the right way at the right time to the right persons for the right reasons. Or at least I did my best to.

find out more about me here

Services in Consultancy, Training, Workshops or Speaking

I try to transform complicated things about homes, cities, energy, sustainability and climate change in pieces easy to understand for anybody. I am also very focused on finding Why something should be done, Why it is happening this way, what are the root causes and the best actions to take. All this blended with love, fun and curiosity because these are crucial ingredients in solving the world’s problems one step at a time.

Short Bio:

Photo 1 / Photo 2 / Photo 3

Mihai has 9 years of experience in designing and building award-winning sustainable solar homes. He co-founded and lead two of Romania’s most notorious projects: EFdeN and energiaTa.

He believes in social change through smart design—incorporating architecture, design and engineering, putting sustainability at the core of everything he is doing. Someday he aims to create the best homes in the world.

+500 young people became better professionals by performing together in an interdisciplinary and practical environment, winning +40 national and international awards. EFdeN was made possible by +250 companies that sponsored the project with +2.5 million euros. The team successfully created the country’s first Research Center for Comfort Conditions.

in 2016 energiaTa was born in order to make energy prosumers a reality. 3 years and many working hours, after creating Romania’s biggest prosumers community and bringing all relevant stakeholders together, this dream became a reality.

Previously Mihai had worked with the local Green Building Council in co-creating the National Renovation Strategy. Mihai is also deeply involved in numerous educational and climate-related initiatives, being a strong supporter of Sustainable Development Goals.

Photos of Mihai Toader-Pasti

100 People for Romania of Tomorrow – DOR (Decât o Revistă)

After 8 years of hard work, this year was a good one from lots of perspectives. This year Romania celebrates 100 years from its birth and DOR (Decât o Revistă) made a list with 100 people and I am one of them. It was a great week for me, after I had just received, a day earlier, the award for Young Energy Professional of the Year.

I am thankful to everybody who made all this possible: people, companies, friends, family.

Mihai’s goal is to create sustainable housing at affordable prices. Yet are only prototypes, homes that produce more energy than it consumes, EFdeN association reached twice to final of the international competition Solar Decathlon – with amazing results in 2018 in Dubai. For the large-scale transition, demand and laws are missing today. And Mihai also has to learn about the construction of the future, so he wants to work in research and, later, to create a startup. Then he would like to build a house on Mars.

I am the Young Energy Professional of the year

The 6th edition of Awards has reunited, on December 5 this year, at the National Military Center, in Bucharest, over 200 high representatives of the most important and most dynamic companies in the Romanian energy sectors, including electricity, O&G, renewables, thermo, and mining, and all the themes – energy efficiency, smart energy, M&A, investments,.

Young Energy Professional category is open to all under 35 years old Romanian professionals with up to 10 years’ experience in in the industry. The award recognizes work and achievements in 2018, relevant within the Romanian or regional energy sector.


I am proud and honoured to be selected as the Young Energy Professional of the Year thanks to energiaTa and EFdeN where I am cofounder and general manager and Future Energy Leaders Romania where I am chairman.

The video with the speech is here, available in Romanian only.

We won 1 gold and 2 silvers at Romanian PR Award

I have some amazing news. We won one gold, 2 silvers at Romanian PR Award which is the most prestigious competition of public relations. And one nomination. It was fantastic for us to be on stage with the best campaigns of the year, with Romania’s top companies and agencies. This was our first participation and all that we’ve done was done in house with almost 0 budget.

🏆PR In-House Team of the Year
🥈SILVER: Budget -, Creativity +
📋Nomination: Media Relations