Complaining is a trap, escape by becoming comfortable with pain

2014 was the year I understood pain, physical, mental and emotional. It is still the toughest experience ever and I really hope it will remain as such because it is very dangerous for health to push the boundaries so much and so many times as much as I did in 2014 and I want to enjoy a long life, if possible.

When you workout you have to reach the limit and push beyond in order to develop your muscle. This is also true in every aspect of you life, reach the limit and push.. But for that you need will, you need energy, you need to not stop and keep going for the long run. And recover, don’t forget to do that.

Push the limits until it hurts.

We were late to design and build the house for Solar Decathlon competition, we didn’t have enough money or people, we had problems with delivery due dates from our sponsors for some of the most important products. We faced problems on maybe every possible aspect and we were all very tired.

I used to stay awake for 2 to 3 days in a row and sleep only when i started to throw of being so tired. From time to time i took a power nap just to forget about all the problems and this was the only way I could relax. We really wanted to make a house to be proud of and we were so close not even getting to competition. Furthermore we had over 100 contracts with companies that we will, people have already put a lot of work and hopes into the project while doing a lot of sacrifices, I was under a tremendous pressure, we all were.

Outside the comfort zone is really really not that sexy

People usually get stuck in their comfort zone because it is cozy and they can control the environment they are in. When you get outside the zone and you go into the unknown it is not as easy and sexy as sharing an online quote. You will suffer, be afraid, feel insecure and very unsafe, you won’t control a thing and you will have to adapt every second, it will be exhausting. You won’t even know if you will like what you will find. Not something you usually sign up for.

Being outside the comfort zone feels as you are sitting alone, in the middle of the night, in an unfamiliar forest and you cannot see anything, but you can hear the wolves. If you didn’t feel this way, you are still in the comfort zone.

Before complaining, ask yourself if it is really that bad

This is a photo always inspired be not to complain. There were times way harder than now, times when people fought for their survival, and they did so by standing up to their values, while not even knowing if they will be alive in the following hours. This is my threshold, I don’t have any reasons to complain before that which, fortunately, is improbable to happen anytime soon.

There is no difference between complaining and finding excuses. I often hear people saying they are not complaining while doing just that. How can you solve something when you don’t even want to acknowledge you are doing a mistake.

Is it worth it?

For me it worth every sacrifice I ever took, I wouldn’t change a thing. When I will die i want to be able to say I do not have any regrets, that I lived the life I wanted to, I┬ánever got bored and left this planet (or other) at least a bit better.

You have to have the right expectations about leaving the comfort zone, you won’t be a super hero and it won’t be glamorous, it will be very hard and painful and you may not succeed. The key here is to do it for the right reasons. You should not stop and keep walking regardless of how hard or bad becomes. Of course, there a lots of things you can do in order to maximise your chances or to better enjoy the experience, but this is another story.


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