Coolness being replaces as new curency by wisdom

Coolness bankruptcy is possible. As with money, if you go bankrupt you can find happiness beyond money and possesion, there are lots of ways to escape the prison of the coolness thinking. One of them in going bankrupt, other is to ask yourself sooner.

At the beginning of our human time on this planet we measured ourselves agains the other by the chances to be a good hunter,

After a while we understood power differently, in being a protective warrior or later a powerful boss. In the last centuries on we labeled ourselves depending on our wealth, our power to influence others and now, for awhile, about how cool we are. In a digital world it became more relevant than ever to showcase what you have or to lie about it, you have to become an influencer and you have to trade that. Influencers are working too hard on coverage and this is not influencing, is about selling big numbers.

You should aim to become a thought leader, which is about expertise and knowledge.

Thought leaders are people who care about their niche and industry for real and enough to invest time and money in becoming experts. They work in the industry, they learn all the time, they make it a point to generate quality and authentic content, not for their own profit or someone else’s profit, but for the purpose of educating others about something they’re passionate about. Devote your time to create yourself, to help others and build authority in a domain, never lie or deceive.

We are talking today about Bitcoin as a currency, but bitcoin is just a method. Why and what you buy and sell is more relevant today than How.

In the age of digitalization, robotics and AI knowledge becomes a very important asset, it became part of the survival kit in the society. Every low skilled job will be replaced in the next 30 years, abundance will become a commodity and therefore wealth won’t be as important as before. Knowledge will be important until we will know how to upload it to our brains easily, moment when wisdom will take its place but we are decades before to that.

Wisdom is more then intelligence or knowledge and trust is more important now than ever.

We ned intelligence for understanding, analysis & interpretation to acquire knowledge. Wisdom on the other hand is to apply the acquired knowledge sensibly & intelligently to get maximum benefit in different contexts, place, time, persons & things involved, efficiently.

People feel it’s not about them anymore, they lost the trust in institutions and people and without trust, the belief in the system fails. Money is just a paper we all decided to credit with value which is our trust in the currency, without trust everything crashes and trust is not something magical that appears and disappears, but is something that is created or get destroyed.




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