Forbes 30 under 30 – Part Two

In 2016 I was selected to be part of the Forbes 30 under 30 generation in Romania and bonus to that, somehow some very lovely people put me on the cover, it was awesome! The lyrics ”Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine / Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen.” are now reminding me of that special moment. And yes, I know there’s no Oprah, and there’s no Queen, but it doesn’t matter. I have never imagined that something like this will happen.

In the last years, I received numerous awards and somehow every time I receive one I feel it is not mine to win, but it is the sum of work of all the others people that matters and should be awarded, 500+colleagues, +150companies, +10people in universities.

In 2012 I co-founded the project with Claudiu and some fantastic people (Alexandra, Ioana, Eduard, Dumitru), but today there are only two still standing, Claudiu and I.

Yesterday we received a special award from Forbes for what we’ve done as cofounders of the EFdeN to build this amazing project it came to be today. It was addressed to previous generations of 30 under 30 that continued to push the boundaries in what they are doing.

When we started EFdeN, our mission was to create an incredible house, to help reducing pollution and climate change, to make Romania more sustainable and to create more opportunities and experiences for young people, especially architects and engineers. Awards, public recognition or money where not even on the list and as you can see, it is a big one.

Now EFdeN may be one of the most important sustainability organisations in Eastern Europe. We do R&D with students in designing and building green homes; we do education and social awareness related to sustainability and climate change for various categories of people: from kids to professionals and we also design and build other products: solar trees, EV charging stations. Furthermore, for one year now we are trying to change the legislation in România related to prosumers. In the next years, we aim to continue what we are doing and create more ambitious projects.

I am humbled and grateful to Forbes for their public recognition, and hopefully, we will never stop pushing boundaries, both in performance and kindness.

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