Future Homes

80% of our life is spent inside buildings whether we sleep at home, learn at school, buy at a shopping mall, exercise on gym or work inside an office. As a consequence, buildings are critical for our health, safety, productivity and happiness. Billions of people are affected every day by SBS – sick building syndrome.

From the economic point of view, housing is a person’s biggest investment and also the most significant monthly cost, 75% of the total costs come from usage and maintenance of the house. In EU, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions, polluting soil, water and air, while also generating a lot of waste, more than 25% of the resources involved the process of building are thrown away.

Green buildings should be good for people, planet and profit. While the Passive House Certification is tackling only the energy efficiency part of buildings taking into consideration only the annual heating and cooling demand, total use of energy and air-tightness, there are other certifications like LEED, BREAM, DGNB and LBC that are taking into consideration the triple bottom approach, having a better path in evaluating buildings. To create my dream homes, I have developed the CIP Diagram which concentrates on 3 pillars: Concept, Interactions, Product.