Milestones starting with 2010….

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Forgetting is both a good thing and a bad thing, but there are some things I want to remember. And because sometimes I make so many lists I cannot keep track of them; I am using the blog and its excellent backup services to remember some snapshots of the past, to be sure that 40 years from now I will still be retaining.

2018 – Becoming a good manager and searching for new horizons

  • selected to be part of UNLEASH 2018 – Singapore
  • received a new award from Forbes for the evolution with the project
  • became co-chair of Future Energy Leaders Romania and member of Global Shapers Bucharest Hub – March
  • attended World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur and traveled out of the continent for the first time – February
  • started a new blog life on – January, 3rd

2017 – When I began to see the world differently

  • invited by The Prince of Wales Corporate Leadership Group to give a speech and attend One Planet Summit in Paris. I also took a selfie with Sir. Richard Branson, met Bill Gates and other world leaders – magical moment #7 – December
  • featured on the cover of BIZ Magazine, ”Innovations Champions” – magical moment #6 – November
  • featured in the movie documentary ”10 Ten” changemakers – October
  • selected and voted to become Co-chair of the first cohort of the Eisenhower Fellowships Youth Leaders – September
  • chosen to take part in the Young Leaders Program 2017 organized by Aspen Institute România where I met 24 beautiful people – March
  • my first business was legally and officially rolling, co-founded with Claudiu and 3 other people  – March

2016 – Forbes 30 + The year I started the first business and failed.

  • qualified for the first edition of Solar Decathlon in the Middle East, 21 teams from 15 countries competing for imagining, designing and building the best solar house – October
  • we partnered with Orange Romania, they launched their national campaign in our house – September
  • we found one remarkable person, 2 investors and started to create the business. Team of 5 – August
  • I worked with Romania Green Building Council as Manager of Development and Policy, 10 workshops in 8 cities for public consultations, 10 recommendations for the government, EU Project – March – July
  • featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine, 30 Under 30 – magical moment #5 – April
  • cofounded energiaTa project with Claudiu – February

2015 – Never giving up is hard and hurts, but is the best thing to do

  • invited to speak at a side event in United Nations’ COP21 historic event which took place in Paris – magical moment #4 – December
  • partnering with Engie Romania we opened Romania’s first Research Center for Comfort Conditions – our house – June
  • after 6 months of delays, we started to reassemble the house in Romania, in Bucharest – February

2014 – The hardest year of my life and maybe the most important

  • we came back to Romania and were unable to rebuild the house due to bureaucracy and other factors – August
  • assembled the EFdeN home in Versailles in just 12 days and competed with 19 other teams from 16 countries from 4 continents – magical moment #3 – July
  • we disassembled the house in Romania, transported the house 2500km to Versailles by 9 trucks – June
  • we assembled the house in Bucharest in Băneasa Shopping City
  • starting building the EFdeN prototype in 6 different places in România – April

2013 – Testing and trial in becoming a manager of a large team

  • one year since starting the biggest responsibility leap I have ever faced, from almost none to leading a project with more than 50 people in 10 departments and having to design, build and transport a solar house- December
  • cofounded the NGO as the legal entity with Claudiu, Ioana, Eduard and other people – September
  • the most significant moment in my life yet, to see something you and couple other friends started becoming a team of 50 people – magical moment #2 – February

2012 – The beginning of a very beautiful journey, EFdeN

  • we write and get qualified to Solar Decathlon Versailles with other 19 teams from 15 countries – December, 21
  • I am starting Team Bucharest 2014 as a Project Manager which later became EFdeN – November:
  • competing with PRISPA in the final: 2nd Place in Energy Efficiency, 4th in Energy Balance, amazing results for Romania’s first participation – magical moment #1 – September

2011 – I am learning, experiencing and meeting a lot

  • my first TEDx experience. Fantastic experience in Reghin, online on, magical moment, very bad presentation – November, 17
  • started working part-time for Romania Green Building Council and starting green buildings training – October
  • I was offered and I accepted to become PRISPA’s Student Team Leader, the best challenge yet, life-changing experience, big responsabilities – June
  • I won my first money blogging: 100 Euros, paid the hosting and bought another domain for something I never launched – February

2010 – The moment that changed my life


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