Education: My 10+ Subscriptions for 2019

I have never bought so many non-physical products in my life (ok, except for Kindle Books and MOOC courses), so I really hope that eventually, the software won’t eat the world. The thing is that all of these apps & services are helpful and useful to me.

Experimenting all this apps and services, I can see how education will change, actually how it’s already changing how we learn. And this is amazing. Democratising quality education.

I see now how inefficient was my school, my high-school and my university education in Romania. That’s both sad and amazing, I am deeply grateful that now I have the opportunity to learn some amazing new stuff, to have the access to all these materials and knowledge and to be able to learn in such an interactive way.

Therefore I am now recommending 10 apps/subscriptions for 2019, some being more affordable than others.

Default Subscriptions

  • Gmail (I love the G suite)
  • iCloud (I live in an Apple world)
  • Dezeer (she knows me best, better than Apple Music, better than other)

For learning

  • Medium (after passing the monthly limit for 5 times, I bought it)
  • Blinkist (this is the second year)
  • HBR (this is something I wanted to get for some years)

For supporting others

  • Decât o Revistă (a Romanian young journalistic initiative that had some financial problems this winter)
  • Recorder (they do an amazing job creating a lot of high-quality video content and in-depth investigations) *monthly donation

For mind and skills

  • Elevate (super cool way to train your brain, 5 days in a row)
  • Brilliant (learn science, already learnt a lot)
  • Magnus (the smartest and most interesting way to learn chess)
  • Busuu (I want to become proficient in English)

For body

  • 30 Day Fitness (the mirror told me that I need this app)

Extra (for iPad)

  • Concepts (very good for sketching, infinite canvas)
  • Paper By FiftyThree (super good to take notes on templates)

Ok, and Netflix, but I am not the one paying for it :D. And I ended my Evernote subscription, it became useless.

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