No excuses policy is the best hack for growth mindset

I am thinking a lot about how can you introduce this kind of policy into an organization and what others tweaks you have to make to function correctly. I see this as the best way to achieve a growth mindset, in which you are responsible for anything even though you have to admit that no one is controlling everything.

One of the most useful things I have ever done was to remove excuses from my mind. But this is insanely hard.

Even though the chances for something to occur were 1 in a million, when that happened I always believed it was my fault because I didn’t anticipate and I had no excuses for that. I am not saying this should be stressful, painful, or damaging in any way, I am thinking about how you could incorporate this mindset into an organizational culture.

On the other hand, you have to be able to understand the reasons something didn’t go as planned, so you have to remove excuses for someone’s bad decisions, but not to remove all the process that led to that. It is critical to sincerely analyze¬†a situation to be able to repair it or optimize it for future use.

Furthermore is essential to create a safe environment in which people could experiment, fail and repair, discover new things and innovate, even though excuses are not allowed.

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