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Sharing is caring, don’t be afraid of thieves

We put way too much value on ideas and way too little in implementation. Do not get my wrong, ideas are critical, but implementation is the real challenge. iPhone was not the first smartphone, or the fist touchscreen phone. It was the best implemented. iPod same. iPad the same. Tesla

What more can we do? The power of questions.

Questions open new worlds, while answers just shut them down. There are not many questions I really love and find very useful, critical to a person’s development, but there are a few. Why is one of them and it is a very generous questions you can always use. What

Coolness being replaces as new curency by wisdom

Coolness bankruptcy is possible. As with money, if you go bankrupt you can find happiness beyond money and possesion, there are lots of ways to escape the prison of the coolness thinking. One of them in going bankrupt, other is to ask yourself sooner.

At the beginning of

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