Sharing is caring, don’t be afraid of thieves

We put way too much value on ideas and way too little in implementation. Do not get my wrong, ideas are critical, but implementation is the real challenge. iPhone was not the first smartphone, or the fist touchscreen phone. It was the best implemented. iPod same. iPad the same. Tesla also.

So why should’t you share your ideas with people and get help?

I am not saying you should go and share you detailed plan, financials and analysis, or explain your trademark technology. This is the implementation part and it’s your work and share it wisely. But please don’t be afraid to share ideas, because people will help, give feedback, get on board. Test your ideas as often as possible. You may be wrong.

I am not a fan of bad publicity is good publicity, because reputation is more important now than ever, but you have to become a person others know, you have to make your idea known into the world, a world that you choose most appropriate to. If someone search for references about your, it is important to find them easily and elogiative. The way people talk about you when you are not around is the personal branding.

When you share you care about others but you also let others care about you.

If someone will steal your idea and implement it is actually a good thing. It could show you it was something easy to do and you always had a lots of competition for easy to do stuff. If he or she will fail then you will learn out of that what worked and what didn’t, or if the market was too small you won’t find your place.

Love the thieves!

They are usually doing a favour, they are teaching you the hard way. This doesn’t imply that if you want to do good you should steal, there are other way to maximise your impact that doesn’t request you to do immoral or illegal acts. But this is another story.

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