Start when you are not ready yet because life is a puzzle

People usually wait too much. We wait for the stars to perfectly align in order to act and we do that because we want to control, to feel safe, to be comfortable. Everyone believe others are better informed, know more, have more money or access to better resources, a better networking, they were luckier in life and we wait to feel better than the others, to have everything set.

The problem with that is that others start moving earlier, Woody Allen well said that 80 percent of success is showing up. It would be better to be one of the first people getting on board, not the last one because you’ll get the last seat available and usually it is not the best one.

Life, business, happiness are puzzles. Everything is a puzzle.

You have a lot of time to figure out how to do it, where to put every piece and you should not wait putting pieces on the puzzle until you know where to put everyone. Its a test and trial process and you can start from anywhere. In life usually is the same, you don’t have just one way to solve things, you have lots of options and few of them are great. Purse one of the great options.

We start by knowing nothing about anything but we knew where we wanted to go, the destination. We did not know the road, we didn’t have the vehicle, nor its energy or a license to drive. We started to walk slowly at the beginning and we run as soon as possible, even though we did not always run in the good direction.

Everything is about chances and pushing the right buttons.

If you have a lot of money you chances to fund something increase, but you chances to treat the project as your life depends on it decrease. If you know a lot of people and have a large network your chances could increase, but they could also decrease because it is easier to lose focus. Life is as a superhero movie, you have your strength and your weakness and you have to play smart.

To do that you have to know the difference, to understand the best you can the world you live in. The more you educate yourself about time: history of things (case studies of businesses, countries, biology or planets) or space: what happened around the planet with different civilisations, more developed countries or past civilisations, you increase your chances to push the right buttons and start to spot the great options that are available.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Life is not about 0 and 1, about right or wrong, is about 50 (or more) shades of grey. Or blue, or orange, or whatever. Start when you are not ready yet, but be prepared for the consequences, for the unknown. You have to be flexible and open minded, ready to repair lots of mistakes and wrong turns, pay lots of attention to feedback and try to increase your chances every moment with every interaction or decision you take. You won’t always succeed, but keep yourself alive for aiming for the moon.