Interview with Lara Kinneir, Deputy Director of London School of Architecture @ WUF9

One week ago was the last day of World Urban Forum, the 9th edition. From Feb. 7 to 13th, leaders from across the globe gathered in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the implementation of the New Urban Agenda adopted last year at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador.

There were fewer people from Europe than I expected and unfortunately no one else from Romania attended the WUF9. It will be therefore more challenging to have better cities in my home country following the New Urban Agenda. Luckily there are still some extraordinary people here trying to make Bucharest and other cities in Romania more inclusive, safe and sustainable.

During the last week, more than 300 sessions took place, one of them being Research and Academia Roundtable which happened Saturday morning.

One of the speakers that joined the discussion was Lara Kinneir, Deputy Director of the London School of Architecture (LSA). She gave one of the most interesting speeches I have ever heard at WUF this year.

Maybe because she said everything I ever hoped I would hear from a professor of architecture or perhaps it was the sincere and passionate way she talked about architecture and design, I don’t know why her speech was so impressive for me.

I always wished to work with professors and together to help the local authorities and private companies, to contribute to a better world. Now I found that somewhere someone is doing that, bringing students and professors together as a team to create a better future.

She told the audience about how important it is for LSA students to first understand the world before starting designing, about the need to get out into the world to know and meet, to use the city as a testing lab and keep researching and finding innovative ways to do things.

Fortunately, Lara was kind enough to accept my invitation for an interview later on so now you can watch it below.