Inefficiency is the only way to achieve efficiency

We are all born very stupid, no one starts being already smart. We do not know how to walk, to eat, to pee or to talk. After years of being stupid and learning we become something else. It takes years to learn how to walk, to eat, to talk – this is an inefficient process that drive us to efficiency. Some of us become Einstein, Da Vinci, Galileo and some ends up being Donald Trump or John Doe. As we can see, after being very young and stupid there are lot of possibilities and we don’t always end by becoming a genius.

Repetition is necessary to improve, but repetition is inefficiency

When i started reading years ago I was terrible, I always forgot the author, the book’s title and after awhile i forgot also 99% of the content so I asked myself why do i even bother to read at all? Fortunately i was smart enough to understand that if I am that bad at reading, the only way to improve is to practice more reading so i continued to read more and more and in time i became more and more efficient. Time means years, not hours, sorry Netflix fans.

We are hurrying and often missing the point

It’s ok to run, but if you run so fast that you lose track, you will end of sooner in the wrong place. The problem nowadays is that we search for fast solutions, we google easy fixes, we want a special pill that solves all of the problems instantaneously. We want the shortcuts, to jump the process. Even though I agree that there is always a faster route, if you end up in a place way too soon you may actually be in a wrong place.

Test and trial over and over again

Efficiency is achieve with hard work, with patience, a lot of test and trials which basically means inefficiency. We should respect that, understand that and embrace inefficiency as a wonderful help towards greatness. I am not saying this process should be slow, I really believe in Mark Zuckemberg’s saying that if you are not braking anything you are not moving fast enought, but breaking things is also a form of lack of efficiency, one that we need in order to become better, to improve, to achieve our potential.

Getting prepared is not only a responsability, it is an art and a habit

You won’t have a good meeting if you are not training and preparing it every single time, you won’t have a happy relationship if you are not actively involved in it, you won’t be successful if you are not training for it your design a great house if you didn’t design hundreds of bad ones. You have to go through the midst of inefficiency to get out in the efficiency realm. This is the road, my friends, a road you can walk or you can run. Better run as fast as you can while paying attention to the road, the trees, the environment and other people, animals and things around.

There’s a chronology of action impossible to cheat

”If you are hoping to harvest a life of great deeds, remember you first have to plant some great deeds.’’ – Denis Whitley. No one was every born knowing how to efficiently plant deeds, we are not even born knowing how to plant anything, but we learn by doing mistakes and learning from others, from their successes and their mistakes. This is not an efficient process, is quite inefficient, but this is how eventually you will harvest perfection, through inefficiency. Of course there are better ways to do anything including this process, but this is an other story.