Global Youth Climate Network Ambassador

Global Youth Climate Network is an initiative launched by young World Bank Group staff on a voluntary basis but is not institutionalized within the World Bank Group. I was chosen to be one of the ambassadors coming from 58 countries and now I have to deliver at least 3 of the list, I would try to do more than 3, finding a perfect mix with the biggest impact.

There is no PLANet B, so if you join or get involved, please leave me a message. Here you can find some awesome resources to use, some interesting stats and some actions.

The role of GYCN Ambassadors is to educate, empower, inspire and connect with local people in their communities, as well as, collaborate with other GYCN Ambassadors across the globe to develop and implement initiatives to raise awareness and mitigate climate change.


  • Host a film screening of a climate-related movie.
  • Promote recycling.
  • Promote reusable bottles and cups by your school, university, workplace, and local coffee shops.
  • A social media campaign.
  • Host a guest speaker at your school, campus, workplace, or in your community and translate their recommendation in friendly, actionable materials to share with the public.
  • Educate/have knowledge sharing events to spread the word about climate change and mitigation.
  • Visit local schools and universities to discuss climate and try to bring the subject with a special focus to their reality.
  • A community gathering.
  • Share GYCN pages and publications on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Field actions:

  • Organize a beach- or litter clean-up.
  • Plogging (sport while cleaning).
  • Promote a bike/walk to work campaign with your company/clients/school.
  • Organize trips to a Nature reserve for children/young people to learn about endemic plants and animals, biodiversity and impacts of Climate change.
  • Fundraise for climate-related NGOs.
  • Organize a group to plant trees.
  • Create or volunteer with a community garden.
  • Host workshops between corporations and climate-related startups in supporting new ideas on climate change and fundraising for the startups.
  • Host a clothing donation at your school/workplace and donate to a climate charity.


  • Create your green story where everyone can express an activity through photography, then hold an exhibition of all these photos.
  • Create drama or video clips concerning climate change or on how to conserve the environment.
  • Create an activity with local artists to promote the positive change.
  • Start a Blog for young people to share their experiences and suggest solutions to fighting climate change and build a #youthclimateconcepts campaign around it.
  • Create infographics, flyers to use in social media campaigns.