TEDx: Who builds the world you want to live in

I am more than excited that I had the opportunity to share my ideas at TEDxBucharest Metamorphosis, which took place on the 16th and 17th of November. For 2 days, around 1000 attendes came to listen to 23 speakers and 5 exclusive performances share their ideas. It was an amazing experience and the best TEDx I have been to.

  • we all want to live in a better world, but who builds that world for us
  • if life would be a car, we would prefer to be the driver or passengers
  • it took me more than 20 years to have the courage to ask the questions who builds this world
  • I was taught to talk just when asked, to memorize and be obedient, to not think critically and analyze, to have opinions
  • I feared questions and hardly learnt that questions are more important than answers
  • I learnt that to be creative meant to paint, I was trained to be a wheel in a machine. It took me a lot of time to see the importance of interdisciplinarity and diversity
  • after 30 years of democracy, the Romanian educational system still prepares us to be passengers
  • dreams are possible if somehow you learnt or you believe that dreams can come true
  • the one YES matters more than hundreds of NOs
  • there are good people and bad people in the world and you cannot change that
  • fail until it hurts, if it is not hurting it means you did not really fail
  • metamorphosis requires pain, because metamorphosis is change and change is painful
  • dream you can change a law because one day you may actually succeed
  • build hope and courage around you
  • believe that anything is possible, because, in time, it really is.

Here is my presentation, the video recording will be available someday on TED.com website.

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