We were tought order, but we need chaos to be creative

I like structured chaos. In the last 7 years i worked with over 500 People in 5 organisations i was involved in in different possitions, some i cofounded, some I led and in some I was employed. I heard lots of people complaining we were chaotic, I tried it was a bad things and tried to make order. But I also started reading more on the subject because actually I liked the results of what was happening.

What I found surprised me. Every startup is in the same process and some companies achieve order and processes strategies and that ones are the ones to fail eventually. So how can you remain young in mind and spirit, both as individual, but also as an organisation?

We’ve been tought to be old fashioned factory workers, not smart and independent individuals.

We’ve been educated to learn in rows, 45 minutes, 10 minutes break, to be order and control, you reply when you are asked and you really have to answer something that you memorized in order to get a mark, you have to obey to highest in rank.

We thrive for order which is not fundamentally bad, by it is the enemy of creativity and flexibility.

The world we live in is not fixed, is like water as Jeckie Chan would argue and we continuously need to adapt. In order to do that we have to be comfortable with discomfort of not knowing what to do, not having an immediate solution to problems. We have to with and respect the child mindset and keep the beginners mind in order to face challenges more efficient in a creative way.

The dangerous case of emulate older people’s behaviour because it seams they know what to do

This is something easy to say but very hard to do and I can see that in young people all over the world I work with, because we emulate older people that seems to know what they are doing, because they seem to be in control. The problem? They do not know everything too, they just know more. And the also know more good stuff, but also wrong stuff. They also test and trial, do mistakes, solve some things and miss others, but society force them to fake confirdence and hide vulnerability. We misunderstood that and walked the wrong path. For a lot of time now.

Empower others to find their own way, their own answers to the questions they have to address

What we can do is to support this kind of behavior, we should not tell our children, colleagues or to other person that he or she should grow up. We should try to make the best person out of the other, not to make them as we wish. As a master you can never know what your apprentice will become, and sometimes this comes bad as in Star Wars, but in general in turn better.

On the other hand, chaos and creativity can get you offroad and offtrack if you do not have a structured chaos, but this is another story.

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