What more can we do? The power of questions.

Questions open new worlds, while answers just shut them down. There are not many questions I really love and find very useful, critical to a person’s development, but there are a few. Why is one of them and it is a very generous questions you can always use. What more can we do is an other one. How might we is the third one.

I would add some more: Is there any better way? Is there any possibility for me to be wrong? Is this really true in any situation? Who could do this better than me? It’s a check system, check for failure, check for success and anything.

Is there any way this could be done better or more efficient? Is it Necessary? Why?

I am more focused on good questions than on good answers, the better the questions, the harder the answer. Interesting though, even if it is harder, is more useful and make decisions easier on the long run because if cuts through all the noise and capture the essence of the situation. We live in busy world, information flows everywhere and competes for our attention. In such a world to be able to sort out what is really important became an extremely valuable skill.

Questions are drivers for curiosity and generate quantity to obtain quality

Why is the questions so important is that drives you to be curious, to search for more, to really believe there is more than meets the eye, that there are other possibilities, other ways, other solutions, there is more to be pursued. And to get more, you have to do more and here it is the second value in this questions, that evolution is a function of us, you cannot have it done for you, but you have to go down in the trances and work your way up to success.

You should not ask questions just for that sake of it, but for a better understanding

Asking questions is not a weekend hobby or an exercise for when you are bored. Asking questions should dictate our every moment, to create a habit of questioning everything in any way we feel appropriate to. Questioning is about learning, about understanding particularities and the process that concentrated into a decision, but also anticipating its consequences. Leaderships is neither simple, nor complicated, it is complex.

There’s no silver bullet or any magical questions, there are good questions and bad questions

We do not have a receipt for leadership, we have frameworks, experience and questions and we should use them wisely, with hope and love.Follow the questions sincerely and pay respect to truth, don’t try to question or answer to prove something. Only then you can be freed and search for an answer, not only for you approval or orher’s dissproval.

That hard questions in life are not easy or fast to answer so be patient. If you don’t have the correct answer, let the question unanswered. Usually this is better not to know than to knot wrong, because you continue to search and someday you might find the correct answer(s).

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