Engineer passionate about architecture, design, people and technology, in the quest of creating the best sustainable homes in the world, providing a magical living experience. Bridging the 2 worlds we live in, digital + real.


I don’t believe in after-life, so I try to make every moment count. When I die, I want to be proud of my life: do exciting projects, be a good person, help others, and have fun.

I was born in a small town, Târgu Cărbunești, short after the Romanian communist regime fell. At 18, I moved to Bucharest to study engineering, and I started working.

My life so far was an exciting roller-coaster, with amazing international successes and very painful public failures. I worked very hard. I laughed. I cried. I felt powerless and powerful. I made lots of mistakes and some really good decisions and never gave up. On others, on myself, and the dream of a better world.

I co-founded and lead 2 projects, EFdeN & energiaTa, and managed 3 others in parallel. I love to build teams and empower others, to see their wonder when we accomplish together what seamed impossible.

I led +700 students & young professionals in the last 10 years to dream, concept, design, and implement various projects related to the built environment by making more sustainable homes and cities. I led the efforts to create the energy prosumers legislation in Romania through energiaTa, the country’s first prosumers community, contributing to unlocking a subsidy of 130 millions € for 30,000 households. 

I am an introvert, but I fought it to be able to speak to +100 events, hold workshops and training, attend high-level meetings, discuss with CEOs, award-winning designers, presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, and so on. I worked in large teams (+60) and small ones (3). I am flexible and adaptable because I enjoy different environments. This is one of the reasons I get involved in mmore than one project at a time.

I love imagining, strategizing, and planning, so I learned how to see the big picture and focus. But I also love details, to which I dedicate lots of time and passion, to be able to go quite into the goodnight, being happy about the craft. 

I try to dream as anything is possible and prepare as nothing will. I try to be less wrong as possible while still embracing the possibility of failure with joyful curiosity. I think in opposites, walking between extremes to map the possibilities.

I am currently building a startup that brings Technology, Arhitecture & Engineering together by using AI. Bridging the digital with the real.

Awards: JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, Forbes 30 under 30, BIZ Innovation (+). Fellowships: Aspen, Eisenhower & Global Shapers & Climate Reality (+). Certifications: Green Rater, LEED Home AP, Passive House Designer (+)

Outside work, I enjoy sailing, riding the motorcycle across Europe, playing tennis and the piano. I love reading books and am not a fan of audiobooks or podcasts, but I like Headspace.

Contact: For collaborations, questions, or anything else, you can contact me via LinkedIn or at I reply to every message.